State of Massachusetts Statewide Human Resources/Payroll Systems Analyst in Boston, Massachusetts

About the Office of the Comptroller:

The Office of the Comptroller (CTR) is an Independent, Executive Level Agency. Our mission is to promote accountability, integrity, and clarity in Commonwealth business, fiscal, and administrative enterprises. We strive to be a model for good government and to protect public resources by mitigating the risk of fraud, waste, and abuse while promoting transparency. Our core values include: Teamwork, Communication, Excellence, Service and Trust.

Position to Fill –Statewide Human Resources/Payroll Business Analyst:

CTR is seeking one dynamic and experienced professional to serve as an EDP Systems Analyst II, functioning as a Statewide Human Resources/Payroll Business Analyst. This position is within the CTR Statewide Payroll Team (SPT) and reports to either the Commonwealth Chief Payroll Officer or the Commonwealth Deputy Chief Payroll Officer. The SPT is a statewide oversight team that works with Fiscal and Payroll Officers and staff in the approximately 150 Commonwealth departments as well as the Human Resources Officers and staff in all Non-Executive departments. More specifically, the SPT is responsible for review, approval, management, guidance and maintenance of the Human Resource/Compensation Management System (HR/CMS), including the interaction with the Labor Cost Management (LCM) and the statewide financial system (MMARS).

This team member will research HR/CMS processing issues and data related to its interfaces with LCM, prepare the necessary business specifications to identify problems, coordinate with the CTR Enterprise System Services Team (ESS) and MassIT to resolve problems. The employee will also develop test scenarios and oversee execution of system and user testing of enhancements and baseline product upgrades.

Because CTR is also the tax clearinghouse for the Commonwealth, responsible for all Commonwealth tax reporting and withholding to both the IRS and Mass DOR, this team member must have a working knowledge of both state and federal income and wage taxation issues.

This position will focus on continuous improvement of standards of effectiveness and efficiency, including development and/or expanded use of technology to improve business processes in the Human Resources and Payroll area.

This position requires a self-starter with the following capabilities and attributes: impeccable attention to detail; superior time management and multitasking skills; ability to cultivate productive and efficient teamwork among staff; positive attitude; capacity to remain flexible and learn new standards and guidelines as necessary; and the ability to work well under pressure.

The successful candidate must have an established record of accomplishment which reflects the willingness and ability to look beyond the current duties and functions, to identify opportunities for innovation and to provide leadership to take advantage of those opportunities.

As a member of an oversight unit, the successful candidate must also have excellent customer service skills and a dedication to helping constituents resolve problems and remain compliant with all relevant policies and procedures.

Job Duties:

Duties include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Stay current on all tax changes; conduct analysis of system changes that may be needed to support tax changes; and draft notifications and instructions for departments.

  • Stay current and analyze employment related legislative or labor relations changes that effect constituent departments; analyze system changes that may be needed to support those changes; and draft notifications and instructions for departments.

  • Receive and respond to inquiries or tickets from department HR/Payroll staff.

  • Update HR/CMS job aids, instructions, and weekly bulletins.

  • Perform payroll corrections, including payroll overpayment and receipt voucher, W-2C, balance adjustments, and payroll accounting adjustments.

  • Perform human resources transaction corrections, including human resource information system records.

  • Administer and analyze human resource procedures including benefits administration.

  • Maintain compliance with federal and state employment and benefits laws and regulations.

  • Create and manage databases.

  • Execute acceptance testing for changes to HR/CMS, LCM and MMARS.

  • Develop warehouse queries as needed.

  • Provide support for Year End processing.

  • Support statewide reporting requirements.

  • Perform deduction, garnishment and vendor management transactions.

  • Work with other CTR staff in cross-functional projects as required by the Commonwealth Chief Payroll Officer , Commonwealth Deputy Chief Payroll Officer, or other members of CTR Leadership.

  • Develop and expand business metrics to report the results of the Comptroller’s strategic initiatives and support transparency initiatives.

  • Actively assist CTR Leadership with cross training, knowledge transfer, disaster recovery, risk assessment and internal control review.

  • Awareness of and compliance with all CTR operating policies and procedures.

  • Remain current with CTR policies and procedures, reads CTR memos, updates, attends annual internal control, risk and fraud prevention trainings.

  • Immediately raise questionable actions, requests or potential errors or issues to the attention of supervisor, manager or director.

  • Contributes to the overall CTR work environment in a positive, respectful and cooperative fashion.

  • All employees of CTR may be asked to engage in other administrative or fiscal process assignments on an as needed basis.

Minimum Qualifications:

Applicants must have at least (A) three years of full-time, or equivalent part-time, professional experience in electronic data processing, of which (B) at least one year must have been in work in which the major duties included computer systems analysis, or (C) any equivalent combination of the required experience and the substitutions below.


I. An Associate's degree with a major in the field of data processing or computer programming may be substituted for a maximum of one year of the required (A) experience.*

II. A Bachelor's or higher degree with a major in the field of data processing or computer and/or information science may be substituted for a maximum of two years of the required (A) experience.*

III. A diploma for completion of a two year full-time, or equivalent part-time, program in a recognized non-degree granting business or vocational/technical school above the high school level with a major in the field of computer programming may be substituted for a maximum of one year of the required (A) experience.*

IV. An official transcript from a recognized business or vocational/ technical school as evidence of completion of a program consisting of at least 650 hours of instruction in the field of computer programming may be substituted for a maximum of one year of the required (A) experience.

V. Graduation from the data processing course of a recognized vocational/technical high school may be substituted for a maximum of one year of the required (A) experience.

*Education toward such a degree or diploma will be prorated on the basis of the proportion of the requirements actually completed.

NOTE: No substitution will be allowed for the one year of the required (B) experience.


Annual Salary Range: $55,017.30 – $78,762.58 as per the Unit 6 Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the National Association of Government Employees.

Benefits Package:

The Office of the Comptroller is pleased to offer a comprehensive benefits package to its employees. The specific components and eligibility may vary based upon position classification, hours worked per week and other variables. Therefore, specific benefits for this position may be discussed as part of the interview and offer process.

The overall benefits available include: paid vacation, sick and personal leave time, health, dental and vision insurance through the Commonwealth’s Group Insurance Commission (some benefits may be provided through the union for its members), and optional pre-tax Health Savings Account plans. In addition, CTR provides employees the opportunity to elect life insurance, long term disability insurance, deferred compensation savings, tuition remission, pre-tax commuter account plans, along with other programs.

CTR employees also participate in the Commonwealth’s State Retirement Plan, which may become a defined benefit plan for those that both vest and subsequently retire from state service. Follow this link for additional retirement information: .

Commitment to Diversity:

The Office of the Comptroller is committed to building a diverse staff at all levels across its entire agency and is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.

Application Process:

The Office of the Comptroller encourages interested candidates with the preferred qualifications to apply for this position.

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, resume, two writing samples which demonstrate an ability to communicate effectively in a business setting, and a list of professional references by E-mail (preferred) or Mail no later than May 10, 2017 . Applications will be reviewed and considered on a rolling basis so interested candidates are encouraged to submit applications as soon as possible. Please include position title and posting number on your submission. The application package should be submitted to:

By e-mail (preferred method) to:


Please include the position title and position number in the subject line:

FY17 – 015 Statewide Human Resources/Payroll Business Analyst

By regular mail:

Human Resources

Office of the Comptroller,

One Ashburton Place, 9 thfloor

Boston, MA 02108

FY17 – 015 Statewide Human Resources/Payroll Business Analyst

Required Background Check – Including Tax Compliance:

The Office of the Comptroller requires a background check on all prospective employees and contract employees as a condition of employment.

Candidates should be aware of this requirement but should also know that such background check is not initiated until 1) a candidate is invited to a second or subsequent interview and 2) the candidate has signed the Background Check Authorization Form and related releases. This background check includes a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check, federal IRS and Department of Revenue state tax compliance checks on all prospective employees as a condition of their employment.

Candidates with advanced degrees and professional licenses may have these credentials verified. Individuals other than those provided by a candidate may be contacted in the course of completing a full background and qualification check.

Application Deadline:

The closing date for this position is May 10, 2017.

Applications will be reviewed and considered on a rolling basis so interested candidates are encouraged to submit applications as soon as possible.

Submissions are due by 5:00 pm (e-mail) on the closing date; or postmarked no later than the closing date (regular mail). Late submissions may be considered solely at the discretion of CTR.

Further Information:

To learn more about the Office of the Comptroller please visit our website, and follow us on Twitter! .

Those candidates invited to interview will be contacted by the Hiring Manager for this position. Unfortunately, due to the anticipated high volume of applicants for this vacancy, we are unable to provide status updates to specific individuals.

No telephone calls please.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of State and Federal laws related to tax reporting requirements, including but not limited to reporting on tax forms 1099 and W-2.

  • Experience performing, reviewing and analyzing human resources transactions in an enterprise system environment.

  • Experience with implementing changes to human resource transactions due to legislative and or contract changes.

  • Experience using an enterprise human resources and/or payroll system.

  • Strong problem solving and conflict resolution skills and the ability to identify appropriate corrective action.

  • Knowledge of Massachusetts rules and regulations related to public employment.

  • Knowledge of Massachusetts State Finance Laws, including rules regarding spending.

  • Knowledge of and experience implementing human resources procedures, policies, practices and programs within the Commonwealth.

  • Ability to manage and execute multiple tasks and responsibilities.

  • Strong knowledge and experience utilizing MMARS, the Commonwealth Information Warehouse and Microsoft Office (intermediate to advanced Access and Excel is required).

  • Strong organizational and time management skills.

  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work professionally with persons at all levels.

  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively in oral and written form.

Job: *Human Resources

Organization: *Off of the State Comptrollers

Title: Statewide Human Resources/Payroll Systems Analyst

Location: Massachusetts-Boston-1 Ashburton Place

Requisition ID: 170002OP