Lahey Health Director, Client Support Services in Burlington, Massachusetts


Position Summary:

Reporting to the Vice-President, Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure Operations, the Director, Client Support Services is accountable for providing strategic leadership and direction to the IT business units within their charge (End-User Devices, Help Desk and E H R End-User Training). The Director is responsible for leading their units in the development of a service-oriented, client-centric culture by building and maintaining client relationships, enhancing knowledge-centered support, developing talent, defining and enforcing clear lines of ownership and accountability, and implementing and monitoring best-practice processes and systems to achieve operational excellence.

This position is accountable for creating and managing an End-User Desktop / Distributed Device program that ensures business continuity through the successful operation of the hardware devices comprising our multi-vendor, multi-platform end-user business environment including computers, laptops, printers, scanners, tablets, smartphones, wearables, etc.

This position is accountable for creating and managing a triage-based Help Desk that provides level-one client engagement, problem capture, prioritization, categorization, guidance and resolution (when possible), undertaking level-two problem routing / support assistance procurement for the products and services contained within the IT@Lahey service portfolio and initiating level-three incident command / down-time protocols as required.

This position is accountable for creating and managing a complete application training program for those applications included within our IT@Lahey service portfolio supported by a team of application-specific Instructional Designers and Credentialed Trainers.

This position will serve as a role model to those inside and outside the IT organization as demonstrated by their willingness to share their time, leadership-skills and subject-matter expertise fostering a professional environment that encourages participation and idea sharing within a framework of mutual respect, camaraderie, cooperation and teamwork. This position is responsible for collaborating with IT and Human Resources staff to define role-specific career paths and criteria, implementing educational and skills / role development opportunities supported by mentoring programs that enable staff to achieve these criteria, and establishing assessment and feedback checkpoints that monitor support staff development and career advancement. This position is responsible supporting the Vice-President, IT Infrastructure Operations as required or requested with the preparation of yearly financial and staffing budgets, ongoing financial management and asset stewardship, reviewing / approving all business unit Human Resource actions and ensuring compliance with Lahey Health and IT policies and procedures

Essential Duties & Responsibilities including but not limited to:

Operational Leadership

  1. Provide the IT Client Support Services business units, operations and staff with direction and management oversight:

a. Responsible for directing and managing all assigned staff within assigned areas.

b. Collaborate with other Directors, Managers and Leads to create a working environment that ensures success at all levels within the Department.

c. Support and manage assigned staff per defined departmental and organizational policies and procedures.

d. Provide integrated focus and direction to staff based upon the assignment of clearly defined tasks, due dates and deliverable / outcome expectations.

e. Define performance expectations and provide consistent, ongoing feedback.

f. Develop staff and resources to ensure optimal performance and service delivery excellence.

g. Recommend colleagues for transfer, promotion and special training to ensure the most effective utilization of individual skills and staff development.

h. Provide training and development support as required or requested.

i. Treat all staff with respect and dignity.

j. Lead the definition of departmental budgets ? operation and staffing.

k. Lead the definition and review of departmental goals, standards and performance measures to ensure alignment with the strategic direction of the department and our organization and the accomplishment of the highest levels of job satisfaction, quality output and customer service.

End-User Device Support Services

  1. Create and maintain an IT@Lahey end-user device distributed technology service catalog.

  2. Design and implement an end-user device life-cycle management program for each device category within the IT@Lahey service catalog to include acquisition, deployment, inventory management, user maintenance and problem support thereby ensuring LH-owned devices are secure and supported in order to reliably, productively deliver low-cost, high-return results.

a. Acquisition ? implement programs that clearly identify required capabilities, expected durations, cost parameters, ongoing maintenance / staffing plans and and replacement strategies by device class, user group and / or location utilizing approved vendors, manufacturers and models in compliance with existing LH purchasing agreements and bid policies.

i. Routinely collaborate with both IT Solutions Architecture and Integration and IT Leadership representatives to assess the short / long-term business direction and technology initiatives / demands of an evolving LH enterprise.

  1. Prepare analyses to identify compliance and / or gaps in deployed technologies to support said plans.

  2. Develop strategies, plans, budgets and schedules designed to upgrade or acquire replacement solutions to ensure next state optimal business performance and growth.

a. Develop processes to effectively evaluate the marketplace updating IT Leadership as to optimal equipment options and costs as it relates to planned / new IT business initiatives.

b. Equipment Deployment, Warranty and Maintenance ? implement a program to deploy, routinely maintain and replace end-user devices per specified schedules and budgets.

i. Define Operational Level Agreements (OLAs) by device class.

c. Inventory Management ? define and implement a par-level `just-in-time? inventory management program that ensures business continuity at a minimal / optimal investment to provide ongoing end-user service-level support.

d. Software Maintenance ? define and implement best practice models to periodically monitor and maintain device-specific Standard Operating Environments (SOE) ensuring policy-based compliance, control and security of the tools and data under our stewardship.

i. Utilize enterprise deployment tools to maintain and comply with our contractual obligations to deploy vendor-supplied license / software patches and updates, etc.

e. Usage and Security ? define and implement access authentication, anti-virus and data encryption and asset tracking models, methods, tools and auditing processes that can monitor and immediately report internal / external incursions, breaches, deviations from approved standards, theft, etc.

i. Implement tools and processes that can remotely and immediately deactivate, erase, immobilize or render useless any devices deemed to be no longer within the physical control of an approved LH colleague or representative.

f. Asset Management ? define and implement a hardware and software asset management program.

i. Follow LH Finance-defined `tagging? / asset management policies and procedures as required to maintain an accurate inventory of device / asset locations, support expense depreciation allocations, etc.

  1. Periodically run interrogation routines that ensure all deployed assets are accounted for and within LH control.

ii. Define and implement a plan that manages and accounts for all software licenses.

  1. Implement a rationalization program that periodically interrogates all computers to identify installed products and last used? dates. Re-inventory unused licenses designated as non-core desktop solutions (e.g. MS Project) for future state deployment keeping the total number of required licenses at alean? par level / minimum required investment.

g. Vendor and Supplier Relations ? collaborate with the Manager, IT Sourcing and Vendor Management to implement a vendor performance monitoring system and / or to engage their assistance when required in support of resolving vendor / supplier contractual compliance or product performance issues.

i. Accountable for developing and managing IT vendor relationships, reviewing and approving invoices and ensuring ongoing contractual compliance and performance.

ii. Responsible for initiating and / or reviewing all IT device acquisition and maintenance contracts, agreements, purchase requests, etc. ensuring Lahey Health, regulatory, and IT policies, rules, regulations and requirements are defined and enforceable.

  1. Educate purchasers and provide oversight support as requested / required during product / service acquisition ensuring adherence to approved governance requirements

  2. Assist as requested / required in negotiating contract terms that optimize asset performance, reduce / manage risk, reduce / control ongoing asset maintenance costs, define life-cycle exit progressions and costs

iii. Initiate action / follow-up with vendors as it relates to problem resolution and / or failure to meet contractual obligations or performance expectations.

Help Desk Support Services

  1. Design and implement a scalable, customer-oriented, 24x7, world-class Help Desk service model designed to provide our colleagues and customers with fast and clear solutions to their problems and questions.

a. Quality Service -

i. Design and implement an effective service request triage model that efficiently, effectively and succinctly captures salient caller / problem information, categorizes the request into its proper IT portfolio solutions category and prioritizes the request into its correct service level.

ii. Create and implement an effective Help Desk agent training program.

iii. Collaborate with IT portfolio product / service delivery owners to implement a 24x7 solution model that is consistent with agreed SLA standards.

iv. Create and implement a workforce (Help Desk agents and IT portfolio resources) management program that ensures consistent, optimal access to agents and solutions sources.

  1. Implement and maintain resource schedules and access information for all affected areas ensuring primary / secondary access within agreed SLAs.

v. Implement an efficient problem routing model that ensures prompt resource engagement consistent with defined SLAs.

b. Expectation Management - Collaborate with Solutions Enterprise Architecture and Applications Operations and End-User Device representatives to define Service Level (SLAs) and Operational Level (OLAs) agreements.

i. Educate agents to confidently communicate problem resolution pathways and response times to our colleagues while they are engaged on the call.

c. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) ? Capture and report standard Help Desk KPIs like:

i. Utilization

  1. Number of internal (colleague) and external (customer ? My Chart portal) calls

  2. Number and % of calls by hour of day

ii. Classification and Impact

  1. Number and % of calls by assigned IT service portfolio category

  2. Number and % of calls by assigned service level

iii. Quality

  1. Customer satisfaction scores

  2. First contact resolution rate

  3. Average time to request resolution by service level w/in IT portfolio category

iv. Productivity

  1. Number and % of inbound call assignments per agent by hour of day and total

  2. Average agent talk time per call

  3. Agent utilization %

v. Agent

  1. First-level resolution rate

  2. New agent training hours per year

  3. Existing agent training hours per year

  4. Agent turnover rate

  5. Agent job satisfaction score

  6. Number and % of first call resolutions

  7. Number and % of incorrect IT service portfolio categorizations

  8. Number and % of incorrect SLA response time categorizations

vi. Service Level

  1. Average in-queue time to answer a call

  2. Number and % of calls answered in 30 seconds

  3. Number and % of abandoned calls

  4. Average in-queue time before abandoning

d. Satisfaction ? Create and distribute surveys encouraging our colleagues and customers to provide attributed or anonymous feedback to their service desk experience and problem resolution turnaround and quality.

  1. Implement a holistic approach to overall Help Desk performance improvement and quality:

i. Define performance standards for each KPI

ii. Track and trend performance over time

iii. Benchmark performance versus industry peers

iv. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the Help Desk

v. Diagnose and understand the foundational drivers of performance gaps

vi. Implement action plans to improve agent and overall Help Desk performance

vii. Measure and monitor the efficacy of action plans (before/after measured results)

Epic E H R End-User Training Support Services

  1. Create and maintain an IT@Lahey Epic E H R End-User training services catalog.

  2. Design and implement a scalable, E H R end-user training program designed to allow our colleagues to quickly achieve and maintain the skills required to effectively perform their duties.

a. Define learning objective, training methodologies and approaches that can support large-scale, multi-disciplinary legacy product transition and implementation, single-site acquired clinics / practice sites, post-implementation.

b. Define measurable training goals and post-training audit methods / tools to ensure trainee achievement/mastery of learning objectives.

c. Create and maintain training materials and job aids that reinforce established workflows and practices instill user / leadership confidence and ensure quality business outcomes.

d. Develop and maintain training delivery methods that are customized to meet the time and skill enhancement demands of a diverse user community.

i. 24/7 online, self-paced functional and / or role specific education and skills reinforcement.

ii. Trainer-led scheduled group classes.

iii. One-on-one scheduled sessions.

iv. Certified front-line clinical super-users to address real-time How do I questions in order to ensure business continuity; minimize care delivery delays and / or any requiredclean-up? due to incorrect or no action.

e. Develop, maintain and market a robust front-line clinical Super-User program.

i. Maintain a `deep bench? of certified front-line Super-Users within each clinical department and clinic.

1 Work with Leadership to develop a program to nominate, acknowledge, reward and effectively.

utilize Super-Users as a front-line training / skills improvement resources

2 Create a `score card? to effectively measure the success of each Super-User utilizing

Help Desk Tickets, colleague surveys, etc.

ii. Routinely host Super-User sessions designed to share key E H R changes and enhancements reviewing supporting job aids and methods for in-house information dissemination and workflow integration, discuss upcoming events like planned upgrades, downtime/recovery, etc., recommendations for improving the efficacy of existing training programs and collateral, general Q/A, etc.

f. Design and implement measurable skills (user) certification.

g. Design and implement a post-implementation continuing education program

i. Work with HR and Clinical Leadership to encourage and reward users who achieve yearly E H R skills recertification.

Organizational Requirements:

Maintain strict adherence to the Lahey Health Confidentiality policy.

Incorporate Lahey Health Standards of Behavior and Guiding Principles into daily activities.

Comply with all Lahey Health Policies.

Comply with behavioral expectations of the department and Lahey Health.

Maintain courteous and effective interactions with colleagues and patients.

Demonstrate an understanding of the job description, performance expectations, and competency assessment.

Demonstrate a commitment toward meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers and consistently adheres to Customer Service standards.

Participate in departmental and/or interdepartmental quality improvement activities.

Participate in and successfully completes Mandatory Education.

Perform all other duties as needed or directed to meet the needs of the department.


Minimum Qualifications:

Education: Bachelor?s degree in related field

Licensure, Certification & Registration: None required


  • 5+ years of progressive management or leadership experience in IT

  • 5+ years? experience performing end-to-end service ownership responsibilities for at least two of the three IT service responsibility areas including End-User Training, Help Desk and Desktop Support

  • Experience developing, overseeing and supporting system wide IT Training programs preferred

  • Demonstrated experience planning, leading and managing professional IT support operations based on industry best practices and cultivating and developing high-performing teams to possess a strong service ethic, requisite technical skills, and continuous improvement mindset

  • Proven experience leading projects focused on designing and/or implementing new or significantly enhanced IT services

  • 3+ years? experience leading or working with End-User Computing services such as endpoint systems management, computer lifecycle replacement programs, virtual desktop, leasing options, etc.

  • Significant direct experience developing, overseeing, measuring and improving processes using metrics reporting and analysis of key performance indicators (KPI) and service level targets and/or agreements (SLA) to achieve and sustain operational excellence.

  • Previous experience in healthcare desired

Skills, Knowledge & Abilities:

  • Expert collaboration and customer service skills and demonstrated experience building, maturing and managing client relationships at all levels of an organization in order to align services with functional and business needs of community

  • Extensive understanding and expert knowledge of industry best practice IT support and End User Computing standards, strategies, solutions, and methodologies

  • Proven ability to perform well under stress when confronted with emergency, critical or unusual customer situations and issues

  • Ability to maintain a strong sense of urgency.

  • Excellent planning skills in both tactical and strategic planning

  • Effective leadership and negotiation skills required

  • Strong Project and Relationship management skills

  • Alignment with Company mission, values and culture

  • Strong written and oral communication skills, ability to interact and influence peers, managers and senior leaders

  • Proven ability to conceptualize and execute deadline-driven projects, with strong bias for action and ability to prioritize multiple, competing priorities.

  • Adept at applying process management and continuous improvement tools and techniques

  • Demonstrated organizational ability and attention to detail

  • Ability to work in a fast ?paced environment



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