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Bullhorn, Inc. Release Engineer in Boston, Massachusetts

Job #288938: Development

Job Code: #288938

Title: Release Engineer

Job Type: Job Posting

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Job Description:

Responsible for software builds and releases. Responsible for the design and development of builds, scripts, installation procedures, and systems including source code control. Works closely with a quality assurance team to ensure final version is up to organizational standards.


Support and improve our tools for continuous integration, automated testing & reporting, build management and release management. Work with engineers to streamline build & automated testing processes to increase developer productivity Maintain the build process to support new and ongoing engineering/development efforts Manage release branches Build a reporting system to provide developers with insight into the status and health of their projects Optimize production deployment processes to minimize downtime of system services Work with the QA team to construct integrated build reports on project health Work with engineering leads to establish cross-team best practices for builds & deployment.

Skills and Experience

Familiarity with source code version control systems BA/BS in Computer Science or similar major Java-based servers & build systems (experience with JBoss/Tomcat and Jenkins/Hudson Good experience with Linux Skill with one or more scripting languages

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