Oracle Principal Site Reliability Engineer in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Solve complex problems related to infrastructure cloud services and build automation to prevent problem recurrence. Design, write, and deploy software to improve the availability, scalability, and efficiency of Oracle products and services. Design and develop designs, architectures, standards, and methods for large-scale distributed systems. Facilitate service capacity planning and demand forecasting, software performance analysis, and system tuning.

Work with Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team on the shared full stack ownership of a collection of services and/or technology areas. Understand the end-to-end configuration, technical dependencies, and overall behavioral characteristics of production services. Responsible for the design and delivery of the mission critical stack, with focus on security, resiliency, scale, and performance. Authority for end-to-end performance and operability. Partner with development teams in defining and implementing improvements in service architecture. Articulate technical characteristics of services and technology areas and guide Development Teams to engineer and add premier capabilities to the Oracle Cloud service portfolio. Understand and communicate the scale, capacity, security, performance attributes, and requirements of the service and technology stack. Demonstrate clear understanding of automation and orchestration principles. Act as ultimate escalation point for complex or critical issues that have not yet been documented as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Utilize a deep understanding of service topology and their dependencies required to troubleshoot issues and define mitigations. Understand and explain the affect of product architecture decisions on distributed systems. Professional curiosity and a desire to a develop deep understanding of services and technologies.

A BS or MS in Computer Science, or equivalent. Provides strategic and comprehensive complex business solutions to knowledge of server hardware and software configuration, networking, standard internet services, scripting languages, cloud computing patterns, technology security and compliance. Experience running large scale customer facing web services. Provides strategic and comprehensive complex business solutions to understanding of load balancing technologies and experience with development in programming languages, databases and big data stores, and container technologies. Work involves defining and documenting technical architecture of complex and highly scalable products. A minimum of 12 years experience of running large scale customer facing web services.

Oracle is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability and protected veterans status or any other characteristic protected by law.

/About Oracle Production Engineering/

Oracle Cloud Production Engineeringplays a critical role in delivering and supporting best-of-breed cloudsolutions to Oracle customers.

Oracle Cloud is the industry sbroadest and most integrated public cloud. It offers best-in-class servicesacross software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), andinfrastructure as a service (IaaS), and even lets you put Oracle Cloud in yourown data center. Oracle Cloud helps organizations drive innovation and businesstransformation by increasing business agility, lowering costs, and reducing ITcomplexity.

The Oracle Cloud has shown strongadoption, supporting 70 million users and more than 30 billion transactionseach day. It runs in 19 data centers around the world.

Our team provides 24/7/365,follow-the-sun coverage while pushing the boundaries of what can beaccomplished in the cloud. Advancing cloud computing means great growth opportunities,and highly rewarding experiences working in our expanding computingenvironments and DEVOPS teams.





/About The Job/

A unique opportunity to join arapidly growing world-class team to engineer cutting edge Oracle Cloudtechnologies and infrastructure that make up the Oracle Cloud solutions. Aspart of the SRE team, you will be continually challenged and have anopportunity to contribute to the Oracle Cloud success every day, workingclosely with the development partners.

As a Site Reliability Engineer, youwill solve interesting technical challenges by defining, designing, deploying,and troubleshooting key Oracle Cloud services, platforms, and infrastructure,always thinking about reliability, scalability, resilience, security, andperformance.

The ideal candidate for this engagingand visible technical leadership role would have the experience of a developer,the wits of a systems and infrastructure whiz, and the courage of a spirited"closer". All these qualities bundled up in an affable communicatorin order to make our Oracle Cloud customers successful.



/What You'll Do/

  • Service Ownership You will be part of the SRE team, whose mission is the sharedfull stack ownership of a collection of services and/or technology areas, withour Development partners.

  • Ownership Scope As an SRE, you will understand the end-to-end configuration,technical dependencies, and overall behavioral characteristics of theproduction services you own. In partnership with your Development partners, youwill have the responsibility to ensure that services are designed and deliveredto be mission critical with focus on security, resiliency, scale, andperformance. SREs are the ultimate authority and are accountable for theend-to-end performance and operability of the services they own.

  • Service Design As the Oracle Cloud evolves; you will partner with developmentteams in defining and implementing improvements in service architecture, bothcurrent and future. As an SRE, you will be an expert at articulating technicalcharacteristics of your services and the dependencies between services, andguide Development teams to engineer and add premier capabilities to the OracleCloud service portfolio.

  • Operations Engineering You will understand and be able to communicate the scale,capacity, security, performance attributes and requirements of the services youown. You are a Subject Matter Expert, able to understand and communicate everycharacteristic of your service stack, such as:

  • degradation and behavior under load of the services and theirdependencies

  • end-to-end tuning needs, optimizing resource utilization, as loadpatterns fluctuate

  • Instrumentation and metrics that clearly describe the service behaviors

  • scaling requirements and patterns

  • resiliency and recoverability, ensuring that backup / restore anddisaster recovery capabilities are implemented, tested and maintained

  • Automation You will have a clear understanding of automation andorchestration principles, and will be eager to automate, wherever and wheneverthe possibility arises, while simultaneously eliminating technical debt.Automation must be part of your DNA.

  • Prevention - Once you have expertly resolved an issue, you will immediatelywork on how to more quickly resolve the problem next time, with the goal toeventually prevent the problem happening ever again

  • Technical Experts - As service owner, you are the ultimate escalation point forcomplex or critical issues that have not yet been documented as SOPs for Level1staff. You will usually get called in during major incidents as an SME,when the source of a problem is unclear. You will have the deep understandingof service topology and their dependencies required to troubleshoot issues anddefine mitigations.

  • *Broad Interests *- SREs are a rare mix of sysadmins and development Engineers, and assuch have the ability to understand and explain the affect of productarchitecture decisions on the ability to run as distributed systems. They aredriven by professional curiosity and a desire to a develop deep understandingof the their services and the technologies they depend upon.

  • Represent SRE - Proactive, self-motivated, customer-focused, organized,and a good communicator. SRE can be expected to represent Cloud products andengineering in sensitive forums.

What You Need to Have

A BS or MS in Compute Science, orequivalent

Knowledge of:

  • Development in languages, such as C#, C , Java, JavaScript

  • Server hardware configuration

  • Linux internals

  • Networking and TCP/IP

  • Standard Internet services, such as DNS, HTTP, etc.

  • Scripting languages, such as Python, Ruby, Bash, etc.

  • Monitoring and Instrumentation

  • DevOps toolchain

  • Cloud computing patterns

  • IT Security and compliance

  • 5 year experience of running large scale customer facing web services

  • Most importantly, the aptitude to be a good team player and thewillingness to learn and implement new Cloud technologies as needed

  • Methodical approach to troubleshooting complex problems

What The Perfect Candidate Will Have

Understanding of:


  • Load balancing technologies, including L7 routing, DNS, and CDN

Experience with:

  • Databases and big data stores

  • Container and Container Management technologies, such as Docker andKubernetes

  • Defining and documenting technical architecture of complex and highlyscalable products

Job: *Product Development

Organization: *Oracle

Title: Principal Site Reliability Engineer

Location: United States

Requisition ID: 18000S58

Other Locations: US-TX,Texas-Austin, US-WA,Washington-Seattle, US-CA,California-Redwood City